Topaz Restaurant

TOPAZ — The home of the finest Foie Gras in Phnom Penh

We like deliciously decadent luxuries at Topaz, so you’ll find that we have incorporated incorporated this delicate liver of duck or goose into many of our dishes from starter to main course — we restrained ourselves and held back from putting it on the dessert menu, although with a deliciously sweet Sauternes and some dark chocolate, you never know what could happen…

Staying in the savoury world, foie gras can be enjoyed hot or cold — or both in a chaud-froid — and you’ll find both options at Topaz. Those who like a clean, simple, unadorned life might like to start off with a creamy terrine of foie gras with crunchy toasts, while those with richer tastes might prefer the silken, pan-fried Maison Lafitte foie gras with mango.

On our main courses, we present one of all-time classics, Tournedos Rossini, a dish thought to have been created by the legendary Auguste Escoffier himself. We’ve also combined foie gras with one of our richest flavours, duck breast, and one of our most subtle, lobster, to create two dishes that each draw out the best qualities of this luxurious liver and all its rich sweetness.

Foie gras from this region is frequently enjoyed with a glass or two of Sauternes or Monbazillac whose rich, nutty sweetness pairs beautifully with the terrine. For the cooked dishes, you may wish to choose a soft, red Pinot Noir, or a honeyed, fruity Chardonnay, especially for the lobster.

Our supplier in the southwest of France is the multiple-award-winning Maison Lafitte. From the foot of the Pyrenees mountains, this near 100-year-old establishment supplies some of the most prestigious restaurants in France, and around the world.