Topaz Restaurant

A new menu brings a sparkling new galaxy of flavours

More sophistication, more flavours, more flair, more unconditional deliciousness; you’ll find it all on the new menu at Topaz.

We’ve added a raft of exciting new dishes, updated some of our classics, and held on to your favourites in a divine new menu that upholds Topaz’s French fine-dining traditions while adding some bold and contemporary splashes of colour, taste and style.

There’s plenty for you to explore, including the supreme indulgence of Topaz’s new Seafood Platter, brimming with market fresh delights from the sea, including the world’s best oysters (Gillardeau), crab, shrimp, mussels, clams and whichever morsels of magic our chef turns up.

We’ve transformed Carpaccio, creating a new one out of slivers of rich, cured duck breast topped with the luxuriant warmth of winter truffles and the peppery spice of rocket. Further down, we’ve jazzed up lobster, with a new Grilled Canadian Lobster whose sweet meat is offset by a silken butter sauce.

topaz new menu

Keeping with the lobster theme, we’re extremely proud of a new Pan-fried Mekong River Lobster served with spaghetti strands wrapped in tomato sauce .

We’ve also added plenty of Michelin-inspirations too, including Chef’s Remastered Carbonara which deconstructs the quintessential Italian recipe and puts it back together again with a sublime combination of Pata Negra ham, 62° egg and Parmesan cheese.

And to crown it all, the dessert menu is a fantasy of flavour, colour and panache, from a sublime Grand Jivara Chocolate and Pistachio Mousse, served in a chocolate orb, a dashing Banana, Chocolate and Crimson Splash, and a transcendent Chocolate Tempura with Vanilla Ice Cream. One of our favourites is the Omelette Norvégienne, also known as baked Alaska, a transformative contrast of hot meringue and cold ice-cream. There is nothing like it.

There’s all this and much, much more to discover. We look forward to seeing you