Topaz Restaurant

The Ultimate Beef is Waiting for You

Juicy, tender, mineral-rich and full of flavour, there are very few pleasures more rewarding, more satisfying, than a perfectly cooked steak. But it’s not just about the cooking, finding the perfect meat is key too. Which is why we were so excited to discover Great Southern Pinnacle Beef, a superbly marbled beef from the grassy plains of southern Australia.

Raised on a pure grass diet, without added hormones or antibiotics, Great Southern Pinnacle beef is deeply marbled with layers of naturally enriched fat that give it its unforgettable flavour and texture. That is why it has won so many awards and is considered THE choice for discerning diners the world over.

Grass-fed beef is not only the natural choice, reflecting the way in which cows have evolved to eat over thousands of years, it also ensures a deeper, richer range of flavours — reflecting the terrain on which the cows grazed — as well as a healthier, happier life for the cows. This is reflected in a healthier, more nutritious meat (with more key antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids) than grain-fed beef.

But the really great thing about Great Southern Pinnacle Beef is the marbling, the layers of intramuscular fat that course through each cut. These flashes of white magic play a vital role in making the meat sweeter, richer, more tender, and absolutely full of mineral-flavours. In other words, unspeakably delicious. We are already serving Great Southern Pinnacle Beef at Topaz as special cuts, do not wait any longer to try them all. Tasting is believing.