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It is with great pleasure that I share with you the imminent launch of our Oak 51 Wine Club, your source of vinous appreciation and enjoyment.

As purveyors of fine wines, we know from countless research -both here and around the world of wine- that the number one reason a wine consumer will purchase a new wine for the first time is that they managed to try it first, at something like an event, a restaurant meal or, perhaps a barbecue at a friend’s house.

In the absence of being able to try the wine prior to purchase, the second most compelling reason to buy a new wine is ‘advice from a trusted source’, be that a friend, a high score or rating from a wine critic, a gold medal in a show, or the sound advice of a trusted sommelier or cellar-master.

Conversely, we understand that the number one reason a person does not try something new is fear of disappointment, of wasting their money and time, and failing to select a wine they find enjoyable.  Aimlessly wandering around a wine store can be disorienting, confusing, time-wasting, and ultimately disappointing.

Within the Thalias Group, we have a wealth of wine knowledge and experience, our team often traveling to the wineries to taste at the source. We have built long-standing relationships with those wineries whom we trust, respect, and appreciate and we only ever sell wines because we love them.

From Master Chef Alain Darc, who has spent his life visiting wineries, tasting wines and pairing them to his cuisine; to our own award-winning Sommelier Sehya Hak, who has had extensive training, travel, and wine tasting experience; to our selection-panel members, such as International winemaker and wine judge Darren Gall, who has spent over 30 years traveling the world as an ambassador for the wine industry: making wine, judging in wine shows, writing about wine, curating wine programs for hotels and restaurants, training sommeliers and selecting wines for collectors and connoisseurs.  

You can rest assured that whether we select a wine for our restaurants, our cellar, or for you; it is because we love the wine, and consider it to be of unique and exceptional quality and value. With Oak 51 Wine Club, members will not only save time, but they will also have peace of mind knowing that their wine has been selected by a team of some of the most experienced and refined palates in the kingdom, and that wine is a true and remarkable reflection of style, region, and type that over delivers on price.  

Member of Oak 51 will also enjoy special privileges, discounts, rare allocations and special invitations to events, tastings, dinners, travel packages, as well as incentives and rewards.

In saving you time and stresson the selection process, Oak 51 Wine Club will also save you time by providing information on the wines selected and an easy payment and membership option, through our Thalias phone app. Exploring and enjoying fine wine in the Kingdom has never been easier.

There is something exciting about coming home to find a new delivery of wine and with your OAK 51 selections, you will enjoy a journey through the world of fine wine, expanding your knowledge and your appreciation of wine. Rather than ever being bored of drinking the same old labels, OAK 51 will take you on a journey and help you explore and discover your own favourite styles and types from around the world.

Between our Sommeliers, our App and your buying habits, we can curate orders specifically to your preferences to ensure that you not only receive the styles and types of wines you like, you will also discover new and exciting wines to your liking for little risk and high reward.

For as little as $88 per year, OAK 51 Wine Club members can enjoy customized or pre-selected delivery of wines (at importer prices) chosen by experts, for your own personal enjoyment on your own, bespoke wine journey.