Topaz Restaurant

Stars of stage and kitchen to lead at Topaz on December 14

The festival concludes on December 14 with an exceptional evening of jazz and fine food, blending the talents of Europe’s leading jazz stars, and a Michelin-starred dinner prepared by none other than Thierry Drapeau.

Thierry’s cooking draws on flavours from across all of France, and is the result of years of passionate research and creation in order to present the ingredients in their finest and purest form. His respect for his ingredients is represented by a regularly changing menu designed by the seasons, and perfected by Thierry’s passion, knowledge and skill resulting in a rich, inventive cuisine that leaves no one unmoved.

In 2004, Thierry was a finalist in the “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” contest. That year, he also established his own restaurant in Saint-Sulpice-le-Verdon.

The musicians are well-known faces on Europe’s lively jazz scene, especially Damon Brown, a British all-star jazz trumpet player, vocalist and composer who has played with the likes of Sting, Eric Clapton, Bjork, Paul Weller, Maxi Priest, The Specials and DJ Gilles Peterson. Sharing the stage with him this evening, Stéphane Mercier is a saxophonist from Belgium with six albums under his belt and more tour dates than Elvis (we think, we haven’t actually counted).

From France, Christian Brenner has been playing piano since before he could reach the foot pedals. He has played regularly with everyone else on stage this evening, as well as a host of jazz stars from Europe and beyond. In addition to playing, this classically trained musician is also a composer, famed for his deft touch and subtle feeling for melody, time and atmosphere.

Another Frenchman, Bruno Schorp, will provide the bass lines while Pier Paolo Pozzi from Italy is the beats man. In addition to their instruments both men are also composers, and they are seasoned players of the live jazz and festival circuits in Europe. In 2011, Schorp released his award-winning first album, Eveil, and this year gave the world his second, Into the World.

We will have more details for you soon, so don’t go away!