Topaz Restaurant

A Michelin extravaganza to beat the band, and another on the way… with music

Chef Lassausaie’s menu gently played its way up through a range of light, uplifting flavours, such as a lobster, artichoke and mushroom salad with Calamansi lemon and a divine steamed brill in a vin jaune sauce, before lowering the pitch with the main dish’s earthier flavours of rare venison in a spiced crust with chocolate sauce and a magical quince purée. Then the conductor lifted us up again for the finale, with a supremely elegant pineapple and star anise carpaccio with a coconut dacquoise topped by passion fruit sorbet and the most delicate potato petal. It was, without doubt, a virtuoso performance.

But if you missed it, don’t worry. While we regret that Chef Lassausaie might not be back for a while, plans are already underway for our final Etoilés Michelin du Topaz of 2017. We are delighted to announce that Chef Thierry Drapeau, holder of two Michelin stars since 2011, will join us on December 14 as part of the incredible line-up for the Audi Jazz Festival. His culinary high notes will be accompanied by a Miles Davis tribute played by stars of the European jazz circuit, Damon Brown, Stéphane Mercier, Christian Brenner, Bruno Schorp and Pier Paolo Pozzi. We will have more details for you on this very soon. Keep an eye on our Facebook page…