Topaz Restaurant

Great Food with Great Friends, Now At Home

Even if we might be spending a little more time at home than we used to, that doesn’t mean we have to go without the great food choices and the chance to share with others that Phnom Penh is so rightly celebrated for. With that in mind, our multi-talented Topaz team has created two Canapé Platters loaded with a variety of mouthwatering flavours for you to enjoy with your guests or family in the comfort of your own home. 

Canapés are little bite-sized snacks that are perfect for sharing among friends so that you can keep chatting and enjoying life without the formality or expense of a proper sit-down meal. The word is actually from the French for sofa or couch, and refers to a tradition of using thin slices of toasted bread as a base for a variety of richly flavoured, savoury toppings. The canapé has become more sophisticated over time, but the principle of sharing delicacies among friends and associates remains the same. You can choose between two tasty Topaz Canapé Platters, each one bursting with bright, rich and luxurious flavours.

The $22 Platter marries flavour and delicacy and comes with creamy Pork Rillettes on a savoury Cheese Biscuit, a bright Gazpacho Tart with Green Pea Jelly, slivers of River Lobster with an Oyster Jelly, Cherry Tomatoes stuffed with a nutty Comté Mousse, and Marinated Salmon rolled in fresh Crêpes. 

The $30 Platter adds another layer of luxury to the mix and comes with a vibrant Green Pea Tart topped with Crab Salsa, a smooth Foie Gras Terrine on Brioche, earthy Warm Turnip with Ham and Mustard, a Shrimp Salsa Tart topped with Caviar and, a favourite for so many, Pork Rillettes on a Cheese Biscuit.

Both Platters are available for delivery or take-away, which means that you can entertain in high style without any of the hassle. Just call 015 821 888, and then invite your friends.