Topaz Restaurant

Get a glimpse into the future with our latest chef’s suggestions

Coming up this month, you’re going to see a whole new menu at Topaz sporting lots of incredibly exciting new dishes while also holding on to the classic French traditions that you and others keep coming back for again and again. We’re jusssssst on the point of launching it, but not quite yet. So we’ve put together a delicious teaser for this months Chef’s Suggestions Menu to give you a taste of what’s to come. It’s amazing.

For example, on the starters menu, you’ll find a sublime layered salad of avocado and crabmeat topped with salmon roe and freshest Asian herbs. Then there is a decadent trio of steamed Canadian lobster with foie gras and pan seared scallops, a carbonara like none you’ve ever seen before and a smooth and creamy cream of cauliflower with foie gras. And that’s just the beginning.

For the main event, you’ll find a pan-fried Mekong Lobster with spaghetti in a softly tangy tomato sauce, a saint & sinner with steamed Asian sea bass with mussels and cream, grilled strip loin au poivre and roast pigeon with foie gras and Perigueux sauce.

For some though, dessert is the heart and soul of a meal, and we think we’ll make a few converts to that cause with what we have lined up for the future. Suffice to say, you will be utterly spoiled for choice. For the Chef’s Suggestions Menu we had to pick out just four of the stars, so you’ll find a Grand Jivara chocolate and pistachio mousse, a stunning banana, chocolate and crimson splash, sublime chocolate tempura with vanilla ice cream and an Omelette Norvégienne, aka Baked Alaska. What is that? You’ll have to come in and find out, and see if we can settle once and for all who actually invented it.

Check out our chef’s suggestions: