Topaz Restaurant

New Topaz Menu

On Monday 19 February, you’ll notice something a little bit different at Topaz: a brand new menu with a whole range of exciting and creative new dishes with fresh flavours and beautiful looks inspired by France and the tremendous gifts of the Michelin-starred chefs who have so generously blessed us with their time, talents and tastes over the last months.

But we haven’t swept away the old to make room for the new. We’ve been paying attention to the classic French flavours that you love about Topaz and they are all still there for you to enjoy, with some magical additions…

You’ll find supreme decadence in the ultimate Seafood Platter with market-fresh treasures from the sea, the Remastered Carbonara made with Pata Negra ham, a delicate carpaccio of cured duck breast and a grilled Canadian lobster. And so much more…

The desserts list is a fantasy of flavour, colour and delight, with sublime new choices such as Grand Jivara chocolate and pistachio mousse, a stunning banana, chocolate and crimson splash and an omelette Norvégienne, aka baked Alaska.

There’s all this and much, much more to discover from next Monday. Come join us on the journey. In the meanwhile, you can read our whole menu here.