Topaz Restaurant

Business lunch set menus at Topaz

Just because you aim to be the best, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you have to be the most expensive. And just because you like to enjoy the best, it doesn’t mean you have all the time in the world to make the most of it. With these two principles firmly in mind, Topaz has worked hard to create our business set lunch menus so that the hard-working, uncompromising and time-pressed businessmen and women of Phnom Penh can entertain colleagues and clients in style, underpinned by simplicity, efficiency and value. 

Built on these straight-forward ideas, the menu will change each month, but will always represent a great choice for great value. Diners can choose individual courses if they wish, or simply go for all three, plus a glass of wine or soft drink and tea or coffee for an exceptional price of just $25+. 

This February, Chef Sopheak has produced a superb set menu whose stars include baked Barramundi fillet with Champagne sauce, lamb stew, avocado and marinated salmon salad, chocolate and caramel mousse and a caramel mille-feuille, and there’s more. 

Add in a sprinkle of everyday Topaz magic, and we couldn’t imagine anywhere else we’d rather be for lunch.