Topaz Restaurant

Bernardaud, A Porcelain Fit For Kings, Now At Topaz

Among them is the French house Bernardaud, whose exquisitely crafted and decorated chinaware now graces the tables of Topaz, just in time to make your Christmas celebrations really sparkle.

More than 100 years ago in the heart of Limoges, a region renowned worldwide for the quality of its ceramics thanks to an abundant natural supply of high quality kaolin, rich forests and fresh water, Léonard Bernardaud was a noticeably talented craftsman whose skills brought him promotions and eventually put him in a position to buy out the company for which he worked. He gave the company his own name, and breathed a taste for innovation into the new venture.

Thanks to their intuitive openness to new technology, Léonard and his sons went on to built up their production capacity and with that exciting new markets. In 1949, they introduced France’s first tunnel kiln, which was soon operating 24 hours a day. Further changes brought new improvements to their products, making them stronger and defect free while still being able to produce more and more and maintain their exacting standards.

As the company moved into the control of the fifth generation of Bernardauds, it maintained its distinction for exquisitely crafted porcelain through its embrace of traditions, science and of the arts. Bernardaud’s relationship with a series of artists, including “the most expensive living artist” Jeff Koons, has helped to create a uniquely distinctive and beautiful range of porcelain ware. They have also created ranges based on collaborations with the likes of Marc Chagall, Julian Schnabel and David Lynch.

If you’d like to get a sneak peek of these divine dishes, ask for our Chef’s Suggestions Menu. And if you like what you see at Topaz, you can also buy Bernardaud collections at Maison Bienvenue in Phnom Penh —