Topaz Restaurant

A Night to Remember with Nicolas Isnard 

Just to give those who weren’t there a flavour of what he served, there was the mouth-watering scallop tartare with coriander, cucumber and apple, melting slow-cooked grouper fillet with leeks, kumquat and a peanut sauce, and magical roast pigeon with potato and hazelnut that Chef Isnard conjured up with strong support from Chef Sopheak Pov and his team. Guests especially loved the “Pause Surprise”, and Chef Isnard’s reinterpretation of the all-time classic French Onion Soup, a true work of art. 

One of the joys of being able to attract talents such as Nicolas Isnard comes from witnessing their generosity as they share their skills and knowledge with our team. Nicolas spent several days working with Chef Sopheak Pov and his crew, exchanging ideas on techniques, ingredients and recipes.

Chef Isnard especially shared with us how he makes his divine French Onion Soup, so even if you missed the dinner, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on that. He also worked on developing a range of new dishes with our team, all of which are they are busy preparing for you this week.

Among them, the man who is famous for producing a cookbook dedicated entirely to eggs — a reflection of of his emphasis on the idea that even the simplest products can produce the greatest results — has created “egg, carbonara style” with our team, a reinterpretation of the classic Italian dish. Diners can also look forward to a luxurious oyster vichyssoise with Sturia caviar, Mekong lobster with tomato, mint, cucumber and a peanut sauce, New Zealand lamb chops with an aubergine tart, richly flavoured ceps and saffron jus, or a decadent beef tenderloin with tomatoes and truffles. Rounding it all off, Chef Isnard has created a glorious symphony of passion fruit with an airy sponge, cream and refreshing sorbet.

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