Topaz Restaurant

A Fine Touch for International Women’s Day

It takes a very fine hand to compose one of Topaz’s most striking signature dishes, the Avocado and Crab Millefeuille, a delicate multi-layered combination of sweet crab meat and soft, ripe avocado topped with vibrant salmon roe and fresh Asian herbs. Which is another reason why we count ourselves lucky to have Pech Srey Neath on the team.

A native of Phnom Penh, thirty-one-year-old Srey Neath joined Topaz in 2012 having completed a year of training at the National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia. There she learned the basics of cooking, and ignited an enduring passion to learn as much as she could about all the elements of creating and styling beautiful food. At Topaz, she has loved expanding her horizons and her skills in a modern, hi-tech, fast-paced kitchen.

Coming into Topaz as a young intern, Srey Neath worked hard to pick up as much as she could during her period of initial training. And her hard work paid off. At the end of her initial contract, Executive Chef Sopheak Pov was delighted to bring her fully on board as a Commis III, the beginning of her climb up the rankings of the traditional kitchen brigade.

Today, she is a Junior Chef de Partie with responsibilities for the cold section in partnership with four of her teammates. She loves her job, and the pride she takes in it is evident every day.

For those considering following in her footsteps, she has only encouragement to offer. “I would like to tell all the students who are learning to become cooks, it’s a great opportunity to learn and train in order to develop your skills training. If you work hard to get as much experience as you can, you will also become a chef in the future,” she says.

And a little advice… “For the right working place, you have to look at any restaurant or hotel that is serving a high standard of food. For me, I found that Topaz Restaurant is the one I loved to work with as the chefs and management team focus a lot on teaching and training, and they always try to be fair”.

And finally, “From me and on behalf of my family, I would like to thank Thalias group so much and all the chefs and management team at Topaz for giving me a very good opportunity to become a member of Thalias’ family.”  

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