Topaz Restaurant

A double Michelin delight awaits

Guy Lassausaie is from Chasseley in Lyon where he was born in the same building he now operates his restaurant from. The fourth generation of Lassausaie to run a restaurant on this premises, it is fair to say he was simply born to be a great chef. And an exceptional one at that. He took over the family business in 1984, when he was just 23 years old, and since then it has flourished, earning its first Michelin star in 1994 and second in 2009.

Lassausaie describes himself as a modern chef who strives to balance creativity and innovation with the traditions that his grandmother taught him. Modernity and classicism play their roles in harmony on his plates, which are always presented with a keen eye for graphic design. Underneath it all, though, his dishes are rooted in authenticity, simplicity and generosity of spirit, and his restaurant, fronted by his wife Marie-Annick. is noted for the warmth of its reception and convivial atmosphere.

The Michelin Guide describes his cooking as having great finesse, and notes in particular how “the personality and talent of the chef and his team are evidenced in the expertly crafted dishes, which are refined, inspired and sometimes original”. Others describe dishes that are full of discovery and created with tremendous heart.

Lassausaie studied at Saint Chamond Hotel School, before starting his career at the famed La Pyramide in Vienne, near Lyon, where he trained under Madame Marie-Louise “Mado” Point, wife of Fernand Point, the man credited with the creation of modern French cuisine.

One of the most influential chefs in French cuisine, Fernand Point’s kitchens gave birth to a new approach to food preparation, taking a simpler, lighter approach and emphasising presentation. La Pyramide was awarded three Michelin stars in 1933, and held them until the death of Madame Point in 1986, the longest period any restaurant has held this distinction.

On his return to Chasselay in 1984, Chef Lassausaie marked the beginning of a wider period of exploration and experimentation. He is a relentless researcher and also started journeying the world — including Japan, Chile, Argentina, Thailand, Iceland and North America — seeking out new scents, flavours, colours, textures and ingredients. While in Cambodia, he will visit Kampot to explore the Kingdom’s famed pepper plantations.

Awarded in recognition of a chef’s utter mastery of flavours and techniques, consistency, meticulousness, discipline, creativity and deployment of the finest ingredients, a Michelin star is a career-defining moment for a select few chefs around the world. In 2017, the Guide, considered to be the final word in fine dining, recognised fewer than 340 two-star restaurants globally, 84 of which are in France, and 125 three star establishments.

Inviting chefs such as Lassausaie to Topaz is an integral part of our strategy for continuously raising the team’s skills, knowledge and standards. While he is here, Chef Lassausaie will work daily with Executive Chef Sopheak Pov and his team, sharing his ideas, techniques, secrets and inspirations during a series of dedicated training sessions. The legacy of this experience will be felt and tasted by diners at Topaz for many years to come.

While Lassausaie eschews the notion of signature dishes, his menu for this evening is inspired by many of the ideas for which he has become famed, including an opener of Burgundy-style egg in its shell with frog-leg, porcini mushrooms and a sweet and tangy roasted garlic foam crown. Later on, after a luxurious salad of lobster, artichoke and mushroom sprinkled with truffle shavings, diners will savour scallops seared to perfection in brown butter, served on a bright floral cardamom-squash mousse, before melting into French venison in a spiced crust, and much, much more besides.

We have carefully paired each of the evening’s dishes with a selection of wines from our own stock, including a wonderful 2008 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru from Chateau Patris and our House Champagne from Duval Leroy. Wines from the Burgundy region, just to the north of Chasselay, help to ensure diners experience a true taste of the region.

Tickets for the evening will be $95 net for dinner, or $145 net for dinner plus wine pairings. We seriously recommend snapping them up before someone else does. You can do so by contacting Topaz by phone: (081) 333 279, or email:

We look forward to seeing you there!