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6 Masterful Hands Craft a Goût De France Menu Not to Be Missed

It has taken over a year for us to entice him back, but Les Étoiles Michelin du Topaz alumnus Guy Lassausaie is on the way to Cambodia for another evening of indulgence in Phnom Penh.

A fourth-generation craftsman of food from Lyon in France, Michelin Star Chef Lassausaie will bring his unique blend of contemporary creativity and tradition to this gala event, which is also a feature of Goût De France, or Good France – a global celebration of French fine dining with this year’s ethos being minimising the footprint of each dish. As such, our menu will be mostly comprised of local, non-imported ingredients, celebrating the quality and taste of Cambodian seafood, which in general has a smaller impact on the environment than the production of pork or beef.

As always, our visiting chef will be imparting his knowledge upon a team of young and eager culinery professionals – and this time around two of our core team members will be collaborating with Chef Lassausaie on the big night at Topaz. Pov Sopheak, our head chef at Topaz, and Sek Sivanthonn, pastry chef at Khéma, will join forces with him to present a “Six Hands Dinner”.

The seven-course experience features Mekong River Prawn with quinoa and guacamole, the famous blue crabs of Kep, morel-stuffed Bresse Gauloise chicken breast, and the most decadent of desserts.

The evening is part of Goût De France, in which 5,000 chefs around the world will produce classic French menus with a focus on health and sustainability on March 21. The set menu is available at the cost of $95, or $135 with wine pairings.

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Goût De France “Six-Hands Dinner

MARCH 21st, 2019 | Set menu $95.00 net, Menu with wine pairing $135.00 net

Demoiselle du Mékong en court-bouillon, rouleau croustillant au quinoa et crème de guacamole
Mekong river prawn, crispy quinoa roll and guacamole cream
Le Sillage De Malartic 2011

Crabe bleu de Kep, gelée de petits pois, émulsion froide d’américaine au piment d’Espelette
Kep blue crab, pea jelly, cold emulsified American sauce with Espelette peppers
Le Sillage De Malartic 2011

Filet de Pomfret, réduction à la carotte, au gingembre et au yuzu, légumes de saison
Pomfret fish filet and a refreshing carrot-ginger reduction dressed with cool seasonal vegetables
Joseph Drouhin Bourgogne Aligoté 2016

Clémentine givrée et granité au Muscat de Beaumes de Venise
Frosted clementine and granita of Muscat wine from Beaumes de Venise

Suprême de volaille de Bresse farci aux morilles, sauce champagne et légumes raciness
Bresse Gauloise chicken breast stuffed with morels, champagne sauce and root vegetables
Château D’Aiguilhe Querre 2015

Agrumes comme un vacherin
White chocolate and coconut whipped cream with mandarin sherbet, yuzu jelly, lemon crumble and hibiscus coulis

Chocolat amer et noisette en dacquoise façon Forêt Noire, sorbet aux griottes
Bitter Valrhona chocolate and hazelnut dacquoise cake in Black Forest style, griotte cherry sherbet
Domaine Labranche Laffont 2015